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I cant give up on this now [12 Aug 2005|03:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Right now... this is hard for me. So Dylan, Spinner, Ash, Jimmy, Hazel, Craig, Jt, and Marco. I need you all to stand by me and be my support. Im trying again. Matt I need you right now... I really need you.

Dean raped me again. Not only that.. he beat me. I know im broken and I hate it. It took me so long to get over it. Now... I have to do this again. Dylan said I have to fight this... and then I agreed. I dont want to do this anymore. I have to fight back...

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With every passing moment [09 Aug 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ive been doing alot of shopping and on my own may I add. And its not as fun without your best friend so Hazel we gotta set a shopping date, just the two of us. We havent hung out ina long time. Then one time I even dragged Dylan with me again, haha! But he loves it. And tonite hes taking me to this party at the university Yeah I know.. Dean MIGHT be there. But I have Dylan and his tough friends so no worries right? so this should be so much fun. I havent talked to Matt in a few days. Hope hes okay. But Matt when you see this call me as soon as you can okay? Thanks babe! Well im gonna go get dressed and ready. Dylan already took over the bathroom so now I gotta hurry! Bye hons!

Ill be okay... ill be okay... ill be okay..

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Hey girl, screaming for attention [05 Aug 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Im back!... again.
So, Dylan was nice enough to take me out of town for awhile which was so what I needed. Thanks a mill Dylan. Then I finally had a nice date with Matt. I missed him so much! And we just talked about his job and how my summer was going. It was so nice Okay.. I love Matt. But yet Paige Michalchuck cant bring herself to bring it up. Ill admit.. Im scared. Really scared. Then me and Haze talked the other day and hopefully we go on out shopping spree soon. Cause that sounds real nice. And I finally settled things with Liz some things about the sqaud this year. Then talked to Jimmy. Well now see.. now im being my oh so social self again =)

Well now guys its time to go swimming. I think the love birds just walked in. Yeah Dylan and Marco. Bye hons!


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Im miserable here without you [28 Jul 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So sorry that I havent been able to update. Whatevers going around I caught the little bug so Dylans been keeping me in the house and in bed but im feeling way better. So no worries!

So someone will have to talk to me since ive been MIA in the social circle and get me caught up. And Matt I know youve been freaking these last few days and im fine. Okay? Nothing is wrong I hope im not a bad liar.

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This is the last song [22 Jul 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Yeah things didnt go exactly as planned last night. I went to the affair and I thought Matt was gonna meet me there but I talked to him and he couldnt make it. Its okay though. That just means Matt owes me another date. I understand his shecdule and how hes working on his job right now so Matt your lucky you have such an understanding girlfriend =) haha! So I was talking to a few girls from the squad and Jt came up. So me and Jt danced for alittle bit Manny got totally jealous. I dont see why. Im not the one who does things with other peoples boyfriends.. Then Jt went with Manny and I saw Dylan and Marco. But how about a long story short... me and Dylan left early. We didnt have the best night of our lives so thats why theres always ice cream and movies to go home too.

But Ash, you have to call me and tell me whats going on okay? And Matt you absolutley have to call me. But im going to see what Dylans up too.


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[21 Jul 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Me and Marco finally picked up my dress and went on our lunch date.
My dress!Collapse )

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On my own [18 Jul 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Everything is getting back together slowly. Its totally great too the bruises are going down. But still noticable which sucks but ill live. Im just glad Dean didnt get any further thats all.. I went out last night with Ash, Jimmy and Craig. We all went to the Dot I took so many looks around that place like you wouldnt believe and sat and talked. I swear Craig and Ashley totally has me and Matt beat with the whole mushy stuff. Haha but its totally cute.

Now Jimmy knows. I feel like such a tatle tale its so not funny. Ash almost found out but I had to pretty much run from her before she looked again. *sigh* How am I going to tell Matt about this?

And today.. Jimmy said the surgery went good! I was so relieved! And im so proud of him for how hes dealing with everything. But speaking of Jimmy I gotta call Hazel. Plus I gotta get going. Dylan needs my computer I love Dylan. Hes been taking such good care of me when Matt isnt around. Well I guess its Dylans job to ya know? He has to take care of his baby sister like the great big brother he is Then I need to talk to Matt about that dance. Well.. I just wanna talk to him thats all, haha!


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You bet me [17 Jul 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | sore ]

SO yesterday went to the Dot and seen Craig, Marco and Emma there. It was really nice hanging out with them. Plus I needed to get out of the house. I dont like staying home alone too much. Then I seen Dean and he tried to do it again! I cant believe him. And what made it worse is that he hit me... like 5 times. And I have a bruise on my cheek. Now its looking like theres 2 of them. God.. I was so scared. I wanted to cry so bad. Then my cell fell out of my pocket and went to Craigs number thank god. Im so glad I seen Marco and Craig there. Of course I wouldnt let Marco go and Craig was getting ready to kick Deans ass but I stopped it. Nothing should be fought over cause of me. I so didnt wanna be alone after that. I went home and just layed on the couch in a ball. I hate him.. just minded each others business.

I talked to Dylan about everything God.. I hate making people worry about me. And Dylan went nuts.

Then I got my dress I think so I need to take Marco and pick it up since we have a shopping/lunch date =) Then I talked to Ash for awhile so Ash.. please keep the promise to me? Then talking to Spin he said if Matt doesnt come through he'll go with me. Im most def gonna keep that in mind. Uggh I cant help it. Just friends..right? Of course I still care about him and I cant even tell Spin about what Dean did either. And I really need to ask Dylan something Like is it bad that I didnt tell Matt what happend with Dean.. I said nothing about it at all to Matt so now I def need to talk to him. But I got to go. Liz needs me and it sounds serious.

Im getting these feeling about Spinner. Like something is goin on.

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Im honest for you [15 Jul 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

Things got so boring around here! Gosh. Well Dyalns been gone with Marco and going back and forth to school. So I hope to talk to him soon. Then me and Marco has our shopping/lunch date, so excited. SO I hear the dance is soon? Soo.. I dunno if I should take Matt. He used to teach there and im so not sure if its even right to go to the dance. Dont know but im gonna talk to him about it.

But I talked to Manny earlier pretty much the same stuff I talk to Emma about, Jay? I thought it was Spinner. Uggh! girl talk. Yeah I know me and Manny talking but everything okay now besides the whole Spinner/Liberty thing. And Jimmy is doing so much better from what im hearing. Im glad he is. Nothings been the same without him! Then Spinner doesnt even want to talk to me at all he probably thinks im gonna lecture him but im not. I do just wanna talk to him. I want things with us to go any worse. but I guess I have to deal. And I guess I will.

But im gonna get going and get ahold of Marco. Bye hons!


Loves me

Trust these words [11 Jul 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Ok so my night didnt go as planned but ill deal. First, Matt couldnt come because we got into an arguement, *sigh* im not even sure what about but Dylan was there to hear all of it he had to go out of town on a trip He really did had to go out of town. So I just went to Lizs party solo. When I first got there I talked to Em then Liz got some Gerret guy talking to her. So I left them alone and I was getting ready to leave but Jay decided to be Tyson and get into a fight with Gerret. Since no one else was doing anything about it I broke it up and got in front of Jay yeah lets sit around and watch some guys beat each other up wooo *roll the of the eyes*.

I was getting ready to leave cause it was getting cause I was getting frustrated and upset kinda boring. So I was leaving but Ash caught up with me before I left I told her everything.. about Matt, Liberty being all buddy buddy (everyone knows I hate that), and the whole Dean thing. Liz was talking about that the other day. Of course I cried and she just was being a good friend and talking to me. and we talked for awhile then I went home.

Dylan was up and I guess Marco just left. So me and Dylan hung out for awhile He could tell I was crying. I told him everything.. he already knew with Matt. I told him how Liberty is being all buddy like with me. Its weird, Sorry. I just want her and Spin to be together and stay out of my way. Im happy with Matt.. I really am. Im working on the whole 3 word thing. And then I told him that nightmare about Dean. And how I felt everything all over again. and nothing some ice cream and talking cant fix. Thanks Dylan. Love you!
Bye hons!


[[OOC:My strikes means Paiges thoughts. So pretty much only Paige can see them since she thought them. But feel free to write something down almost relating to it. Thank you]]

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Im in power for the hour [10 Jul 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Alright.. my weekend?.. Wonderful and a blast! Matt is so wonderful! He took me to the movies, dinner and the park the first day. Old fashioned date then today... wow. He had this pinic planned at the beach! It was so cute! I loved it! And the good thing? Hes starting to call more. So hopefully we make more dates soon. He amazes me everyday. And not to meantion the more I start to like him. Im way to scared to say I love you to him. Should I just wait for him to say it?

Then I talked to Liz. My name for her of course. Yeah she used to be on the sqaud but she had to leave for awhile. I was so happy to talk to her and see her. (she knew me and Dylan. She was one of Dylans best friends) SO I met her at the dot and apparently she didnt wanna stay because there was alot of people was there The kid that was there raped her, then she got on the whole Dean thing. I wished she didnt talk about the word Rape so much. Then after that I went home, went on my date with Matt<3 then came home and went to bed. I love being with him. Last night I was such alittle kid, I woke up from a dream From Liz talking about Dean and everything so I had like a real bad flash back. Like what I felt then.. I felt all over again. When I woke up I screamed then I started to cry so much and Dylan came in. God I didnt wanna tell him what I dreamt about.. I felt so embrassed too.

Ok Liberty.. seriously need to chill out. Especially on the whole Barbie thing. Cause you dont even have the privilge to call me that. AND what you have to understand is that I had a real serious relationship with Spinner. So it was kinda hard for me to hear that. Besides.. I have MATT now. How I hope you and Spinner do get together but hon.. seriously becareful..

But im gonna go to bed try to or something. Bye hons!


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These walls said your name [07 Jul 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So Dylan and I threw a party last night. I liked it and I had fun but it would have been better if Matt didnt have to work over and he came. *Sigh* Things happens I guess. And speaking of things happening... Manny AND Emma drunk? After I left? I hope someone tells me the right story or something so I wont get the wrong idea. So Emma or someone IM me and talk! And Ash is back for the weekend! Im so happy shes here for alittle bit. I really needed to talk to her. Hazel isnt around as much but I understand why. It was good seeing her and Craig being together I know Emma wasnt but I tried to help her out. *sigh* she can get any guy she wants.. Ellie too.

So I guess Dylan is really missing and thinking about someone, it better not be that one idiot from school. And Dylan.. Im not mad at you. Really im not. But when someone I love gets hurt then I hurt. But you always know ill support you no matter what. And thanks for the movie/snack time last night. That was exactly what I needed hon to get my mind set on something other then me missing Matt like crazy.

But Matt is coming over tomarrow! I cant wait! Out to dinner and a movie. Possibly the park. And just to kiss him and hug him will be so wonderful. Then Saturday... he says theres a surprise. Uggh he does that to me all the time! But now I cant wait till Saturday either. But im gonna go hang out with Dylan for awhile. We might go to the mall to do some shopping. Hey its the best! Talk to you later hons!


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Bring us to our destiny [06 Jul 2005|06:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ugh its been so boring around here. Dylan is here and we have the house to ourselves for a couple weeks. Which is so nice! So that means Hazel, Jimmy, Craig, you guys all have to come over and keep my company. Cause I dont think I want to hang out with Dylans hockey friends. Sorry!

But me and Manny are good I guess and im still gonna be captain and she still has choregraphy also decided to stay out of each others way and not to talk about Matt anymore. Better stay that way too. I also talked to Emma for awhile. You know, girl talk I cant believe she kissed Craig! I hope she doesnt end up like a certain person *coughMannycough* Cause I seriously dont think I can handle it. Then the wonderful Craig. We just talked about everything from this year. And planned on hanging out. So shopping sounds good huh Craig? Haha!

I havent really talked to Matt lately. I miss him loads but he does have work to do and I can deal till then. But he called last night and we made a date for friday and saturday. Which im so excited for. I like him so much I think im starting to love him. But im gonna get going hons. I have work. Yuck.


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Glad to be here! [02 Jul 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Marco had me get one of these. Me following a trend huh? I usually dont but hey this is kind of cute. Well im Paige Michealchuck and I go to Degrassi. Im in the 11 grade and not single. I dated Spinner Mason for about a year or so. But he cheated on me with Manny Santos. So I dont speak with niether one of them. Now I am dating Matt. Yeah most of you know him as Mr.O and yes we did have a thing going on while he was teaching. But now that he isnt over at Degrassi we can tell everyone about us. And I love it. My best friends are Hazel, Ashley, Ellie, Marco, Jimmy and Alex. Im also on the Spirit Squad and Captain of the squad by the way. Well im gonna get going. Shopping is calling me. Bye huns!


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